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Why Murphy Surveys?

  1. Established in 1983
  2. Global Consultant Surveyors
  3. Over 30 Surveys Solutions
  4. 10,000+ Surveys Completed
  5. Latest Technology & Equipment
  6. ISO 9001 Registered
  7. Highly Trained Personnel
  8. Six offices in Ireland and the UK

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Client Testimonials

Murphy Surveys is one of JBA’s approved suppliers for work in Ireland and the UK. We have worked with them on projects for both private and public sector clients. The surveyors have a good understanding of our requirements, and with an eye for additional beneficial data they are able to deliver a quality product which we can work with immediately.

Elizabeth RussellJBA Consulting

We are very pleased with the drawings. For conservation recording the features have been surveyed in detail and drawn with clarity. It was particularly useful to have photographs beside the drawings of some of the details. The suite of drawings is very comprehensive and well presented. We appreciate the effort that went into them.

Anne FletcherCoady Partnership Architects